Greg is a video artist living in Los Angeles.

He has a ridiculous obsession with public access TV, academic films, drive­-in movie ads & 1980’s computer art. This has fueled his desire to find these gems online and create video art that inspires. 

Color plays a major factor in Greg’s work. He is fascinated how various shades, tones and hues can evoke raw emotions and a unique atmosphere. Most of Greg’s videos are theme based and don’t stick to a strict narrative.  

These clips are then disassembled, distorted and manipulated until a new story is born. Greg’s eye for unique visual content combined with vivid colors and eclectic music gives new meaning to each and every piece he creates. 

Greg also creates :15 second video art installations on Instagram through his project @flyingblynd.

His video art has been featured at music festivals and live events including installations at various galleries and museums. Greg creates unique social media content for brands as well.

Greg lives in Los Angeles with his wife Erica and senior basset hound Dudley.